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There is a list of medicines containing "Hyaluronate Sodium" as a main active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), their available forms, doses and also pharmaceutical companies: manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, researchers and developers:

The first trade name of the products Lists of Hyaluronic Acid drugs The last trade name of the products
AcHyal AcHyal - Alon Alon
Alron Alron - Arhealo Arhealo
A-Ron A-Ron - Arthryal Arthryal
Article Article - Atri III Atri III
Atriplus Atriplus - Bio Viseon Bio Viseon
Biocorneal Biocorneal - Biovisc Biovisc
Biozel Biozel - Cicatridina Cicatridina
Clear View Plus Clear View Plus - Corta-FLX Flex-Force Corta-FLX Flex-Force
Cruzal Cruzal - Dropstar-P Dropstar-P
Dropyal Dropyal - Eyecare Mini Eyecare Mini
Eyecon Eyecon - Fermathron Fermathron
Fermavisc Fermavisc - Gel-One Gel-One
Gelsyn-3 Gelsyn-3 - Go-On Go-On
Griolon Griolon - Hameron-A Hameron-A
Hameron-P Hameron-P - Healon-GV Healon-GV
Healonid Healonid - High Hyalplus High Hyalplus
Highbis Plus Highbis Plus - Hilronid Hilronid
Hinon Hinon - Hyacyst Hyacyst
Hyaguard Hyaguard - Hyal Forte Hyal Forte
Hyal Mini Hyal Mini - Hyalein Hyalein
Hyalein Mini Hyalein Mini - Hyalomb Hyalomb
Hyalon Hyalon - Hyalonsan Mini Hyalonsan Mini
Hyaloph Hyaloph - Hyalrheuma Hyalrheuma
Hyalsan Hyalsan - Hyaludrop Hyaludrop
Hyalugrand Hyalugrand - Hyaluron (Hanlim Pharmaceutical) Hyaluron (Hanlim Pharmaceutical)
Hyaluron (Hexal) Hyaluron (Hexal) - Hyaluronate Na Hyaluronate Na
Hyaluronate Na AFP Hyaluronate Na AFP - Hyal-V Hyal-V
Hyamax Sodium Hyaluronate Hyamax Sodium Hyaluronate - Hye Hye
Hyfil Hyfil - Hylasto One Hylasto One
Hylatril Hylatril - Hylo-Gel Hylo-Gel
Hylo-Lasop Hylo-Lasop - Hylo-Vision SafeDrop Gel Hylo-Vision SafeDrop Gel
Hylo-Vision Sine Hylo-Vision Sine - Hyopt Hyopt
Hyopt Plus Hyopt Plus - Hyronate Hyronate
Hyronate-DS Hyronate-DS - Hyruna Hyruna
Hyrunic Hyrunic - Hyvisc Plus Hyvisc Plus
IAL IAL - I-Drop Pur I-Drop Pur
I-Drop Pur Gel I-Drop Pur Gel - Irilens Irilens
Isvisic Isvisic - Jointlube Jointlube
Jointmax Jointmax - Lacripharma Lacripharma
Lacrito Lacrito - LG Hyruan LG Hyruan
LGHyal LGHyal - Lurokap Lurokap
Lydium Lydium - Miniostenil Miniostenil
Myal Myal - Nicozet Nicozet
Nidelon Nidelon - Omni Hyal Omni Hyal
OmniPet OmniPet - Opthaline Opthaline
Opthaline Plus Opthaline Plus - Ostenil Tendon Ostenil Tendon
Otoial Otoial - Perlavita Perlavita
Phosbiron Phosbiron - Qualone Qualone
Quickclean Quickclean - Revanesse Kiss Revanesse Kiss
Revanesse Pure Revanesse Pure - Shellgel Shellgel
Shellgell Shellgell - Sodium Hyaluronate (Huons) Sodium Hyaluronate (Huons)
Sodium Hyaluronate (Mirae Pharmaceutical) Sodium Hyaluronate (Mirae Pharmaceutical) - Sodium Hyaluronate PF (Nippon Tenganyaku Kenkyujo) Sodium Hyaluronate PF (Nippon Tenganyaku Kenkyujo)
Sodium Hyaluronate PF (Nitten Pharmaceutical) Sodium Hyaluronate PF (Nitten Pharmaceutical) - Suplasyn-MD Suplasyn-MD
Suprahyal Suprahyal - Synovar Synovar
Synovate-HA Synovate-HA - Tearen Tearen
Tearhyl Tearhyl - Top-Q Top-Q
Toptear Toptear - Unihylon Dispo Unihylon Dispo
Unike Unike - Viscoseal Viscoseal
Viscure Viscure - Vismed Multi Vismed Multi
Vismed Unidose Vismed Unidose - Xidan Xidan
Xidan EDO Xidan EDO - Zuma Zuma

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